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“The future with us is now”



the product

SKYD is a new and innovative brushless drive of MD Motion, manufactured thanks to the experience gained in 10 years of activity and collaboration with its own clients and prestigious partners, with a view to optimizing performance and reliability.

SKYD satisfies the increasingly more demanding request of the world of motion control and consolidates that level of reliability and flexibility which make MD Motion stand out.


  • drive fully designed and manufactured within the company
  • wide range of customizations available
  • available in 2-4-7 A rated sizes and with voltages from 230V monophase and triphase for SKYE and at 400Vtriphase for the SKYD
  • reliability
  • easiness of installation
  • flexibility of use
  • easiness of application, thanks to the traditional mapping of the motors present on all of the MD Motion drives
  • efficiency, by means of the almost total elimination of the calibration, with a remarkable saving of time by the client.

SKYD-SKYE characteristics

  • brushless and induction motors high performance control
  • greater processing speed
  • greater quality control
  • integrated network filter
  • integrated brake management
  • resolver interface
  • encoder incremental interface with Hall or LessWiring probes
  • interface with the main types of absolute encoder types (SSI, Biss, Hiperface, Endat)
  • CANOpen network
  • 485 network
  • torque and speed control
  • position control with trapazoidal profiler
  • position control with linear interpolator
  • position control with a pulse train
  • electric axis
  • electronic camming