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“The future with us is now”

collaborations with university

MD Motion, simultaneously with the design work at an industrial level, collaborates with the Universities of Ferrara, Bologna and Reggio Emilia, in order to be constantly present and up-to-date on all of the possible future developments of those technologies linked to digital automatic control.

University of Ferrara

For the University of Ferrara, Mr. Mattioli:

  • He has held seminars on: "Electric Drives: building aspects and utilization issues ";
  • In the Faculty of Engineering he is a contract professor of the official course of Electric Drives, Master of Science course in Electronic Engineering, specialization in Automatic Controls;
  • He was the scientific Head of the project for industrial research and technological transfer for the study and manufacturing of special high performance drives, with innovative control techniques.
  • • He has collaborated in the HDL Design and Synthesis of the logical card parts and power of a Drive, for Brushless and induction motors, created with CPLD.

University of Bologna

For the University of Bologna, Mr. Mattioli:

  • In the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, he was a contract professor of the official course on electric drives, Orthopedic Technical Diploma Course.