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“The future with us is now”



the product

Portable keypad connectable to all of the drives with the possibility of rapidly modifying the internal parameters of the drives and view some useful values.


  • compatible with all of the SkyD and DB1 drive series
  • it allows the parameterization of the drives in adverse environmental conditions without the use of portable computers
  • it allows the continuous viewing of speed, speed set point, torque, for a quick startup of the operation
  • system diagnostics


  • directly connectable to the drive with the backlit 2 x 8 alphanumeric display
  • extremely compact size: mm 70 x 50 x 25
  • viewing of the alarm code underway and main operational values: IQ, drive powering
  • viewing and modification of all of the drive parameters, motor Rpm
  • upload and Download functions of the parameter set with permanent memorization on the EEPROM on the Keypad.