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“The future with us is now”

What we do

MD Motion, thanks to constant investments in research and development, design and cutting-edge productive technology, has succeeded in its goal of endowing its own products with the quality necessary to achieve success: performance, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness, placing it today among the most advanced manufacturers of Digital actuator drives for brushless, and induction motors.

The brushless motor is a permanent-magnet electrical motor in which the commutation of electrical current takes place by electronic means. This feature together with the use of digital drives broadens the possible range of applications of these motors, for example in very harsh, low temperature environments. The stream-lined and versatile corporate structure ensures the timely satisfaction of requests and the capacity to meet the client’s specific needs, with customized, competitive, sustainable solutions.

The use of latest generation digital signal processors ("DSP") has allowed us to immediately aim at a high market target, offering control precision, robustness and limited size of the product.

The satisfaction of our customers is our main objective. Our experience has been gained on successes achieved by our products within their numerous applications: railways, robotics, palletizing, pantography, working in 3D, flying shears and industrial handling, sectors characterized by high competitiveness and cutting edge technologies.

Md is above all a PARTNER; thanks to its experience it is able to support its own clients in an increasingly competitive marketplace.