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“The future with us is now”

DB1 40 3÷25 Amper

Brushless Drive DB1 40 from 3A 25A
"DB1 The philosophy of movement"

the product

is a universal brushless drive, which has been engineered to help machine designers and is able to meet the increasingly new technical requirements demanded by the system integrators. It has been optimized for servo applications that require a dynamic response, high peak torque, easiness of use and integration simplicity.

Flexible and compact machines are therefore required in order to satisfy the needs of new productive environments.


  • exceptional reliability, since completely digital
  • mechanical compactness (it is made with Surface Mount Technology SMT)
  • cutting edge technology
  • particularly indicated for positioning and control systems that require highly dynamic performances
  • numerous applications in the field of industrial automation, due to the possibility of controlling Brushless, Closed Loop Vector Asynchronous motors
  • safety: the control logic has been created with the latest-generation DSP controller, with performances suited to guaranteeing the control of speed, current and position in real time
  • the Can Bus uncontrovertibly facilitates the part of the wiring on the machine, as the less-wiring incremental encoder with a limitation to the connections of the sole A-B-Z channels allows savings on the motor-drive connections
  • simplification of the work of external positioning, C.N., PLC or other, thanks to the positioner with the Can Open interpolation and Electric Axes within the driver
  • practicality: start up has been simplified and requires no special technical knowledge
  • Diagnostics and parameterization of the drive: the Motor Control software and the "Remote Keypad" option, connected to the serial port of the drive, allow modification of parameters; the real-time display of the most important values: motor current, motor speed, etc..; display of the alarm history


  • power 400Vac
  • rated current 3÷25 Amper